Whitaker - Huntingdon Inn

Savannah, Georgia 31401


The Whitaker-Huntingdon Inn is located within an 1883 cir.  Italianate home fronting on beautiful 32 acre Forsyth Park within the Savannah Historic District.  Two, two bed room suites are available, each with private baths and kitchen facilities.  This house was constructed in 1883, for Mrs. Jane Gordon, Mrs. Ellen Williams and their brother, Mr. Robert Lachlison.  Jane's husband, had been a gun runner during the Civil War and he and Jane escaped to France to avoid being captured during the latter months of the war.  Robert was in the party of local citizens, representing City officials in December of 1864, when they surrendered the City of Savannah to General Sherman, the Union Commander, at the conclusion of his "March to the Sea".  Mr. Gordon died prior to the construction of the house and Ellen's husband lived only a few months after the house was completed.  The three siblings lived in the house approximately 13 years.           

Mr. Murray McGregor Stewart, the second owner, purchased the house in 1896.  He was the president of three local companies involved in the cotton and insurance industries and served a term as Mayor of Savannah (1920-1924).
Picture of Double Parlor                                   The third owner was Dr. Lloyd Taylor, a major in the Army Medical Corp, who served in the Spanish-American and World War I conflicts.  He was originally from Rhode Island but remained in Savannah and opened a private medical practice upon his discharge from the military.  The Taylor family owned the house 42 years to the day (Feb. 2, 1916-Feb. 2, 1958).  In 1923, Dr. Taylor added a portion of the one story addition on the rear of the structure as his medical office.  A rear yard carriage house was removed to allow this addition.  Two additional rear rooms were also added by Dr. Taylor to the main structure.  This newer section of the house has been reported to be occupied by a "lady spirit".  Ask the innkeepers for information about the "Spirit of 1923".  After Dr. Taylor’s six daughters had married and/or moved out, he converted the second story living quarters into an apartment during World War II.

 In 1958, Dr. Laurence Dunn, a dentist, purchased the home and he and his family, wife and six children, lived here almost eighteen years.  The side porches were changed from a double one-over-one design to a single story screen porch in the early 1960's.  The porch offers a great view of Forsyth Park and the gold-fish pond/fountain overlooking the inn’s private court yard.

 The Saxman family purchased the home in 1976 and has been painting and restoring the structure by removing ceiling tiles, floor coverings, old paint or adding doors and windows, fences, garages, fish ponds, etc. ever since.  The inn was permitted in 1989 but did not open for business until 1995, after all the owners’ children had moved out and various renovations were completed.