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Over the past 34 years, the current occupants have Protected the charm and historical character of this 1883 Italinate home.  During the past few decades  two daughters of Dr., and Mrs. Taylor, both were in their 80's, and three of Dr. and Mrs. Dunn's grown children have been by to check on our progress.  These visits have provided first-hand information about the history of the house and its owners. 

                   Picture of screen porch and patio area

For example, it was learned that in the 1930's Dr. Taylor had planted wild ferns he obtained from the Grove Hill Plantation along the walkways.  The off-spring of these ferns still remain in today’s landscaping design.  An old lamp table has also been acquired from the Taylor estate and has been placed in the parlor, where is was situated between 1916 and 1958.

  The iron picket fence and gates, erected in 1996, were designed by the current owner and appear to have been erected many years ago when the house was built.  Pocket doors, plaster walls, ceilings and medallions, heartwood flooring and other original details hae all been preserved in the house’s décor.   Dr. Taylor's office area has also been combined with another area of the house to provide an extra large two bedroom, two bath Garden Suite with a full service kitchen and living room.  This unit has direct access to a second patio area with its own goldfish pond.

A three car garage has been constructed, by the current owners, in the area where Dr. Taylor raised the carriage house in the early 1920's. 

The Saxman (Campbell) Clan has now owned the home for the second longest period of any of the previous owners, (34 years) but, as of May 2010, still have another 8 years
to go in order to match the Taylor family's ownership record of 42 years. 

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