The 1923 construction by Doctor Taylor of the rear two-story addition at 601 Whitaker Street is reported to have started sightings of an unknown "spirit" in this 1883 Italinate historic home on Forsyth Park.  The bricks used to construct this addition were previously used in an old jail.  Ever since the completion of the addition, the rear portion of the house, now occupied by the Whitaker-Huntingdon Inn has experienced unexplained activities and noises.  See comments documented about other activities in the rear rooms in our guest book when you arrive.

The previous owners claim the "spirit" must have been incased in the section of the old brick jail used to build the addition.  As a result of the construction, the "spirit' was moved from the old jail site to 601 Whitaker Street.  The identity of the "spirit" has not been determined to date.  However, a young female spirit has been seen in the late evening and early morning hours wearing a flowing white gown as she glides through the rear portion of the house about three feet above the floor.

Since the current owners purchased the home in 1976, sightings of the "spirit" have been reported by two separate female occupants of the rear lower Taylor suite.  On both occasions (separated by approximately two years) the tenants moved out of the Taylor suite claiming that the "spirit' was residing in the rear bedroom.  Household pets have also acted strangely in certain rooms of the house.For no known reason, when a door suddenly shuts by itself, they will let out strange noises and bristle their backs as they look toward a darken hallway or an adjoining room.

Unexplained events have occasionally occurred during the day-light hours.  In 1991, a couple of the construction workers, renovating the upper floor bathroom, quit for lunch about noon and never returned after they noticed their tools and other objects rolling about the floor without any apparent cause.

In order to protect the guests from the pranks of the "spirit", the innkeepers have hung a "cross" pendant necklace on the antique dressers in both rear suites.  No "spirit" activities have ever been reported in the front Gordon-Stewart suite and have not been reported in the rear suites since the necklace has been in place.  However, sometimes the pendants are removed by someone and we've had to purchase a new one to replace it.

Braver quests may request the innkeepers to remove the necklaces from the dressers if they wish an opportunity to experience the Spirit of 1923. If you do remove the necklaces, you may be lucky enough to feel the spirit's cold breath or seen her glide by the foot of the four- poster plantation style rice bed which, by the way, has a mattress raised about three feet above the floor.